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Thank you for joining us for our 2019 Open Day. It was a very rewarding event for us and we hope that all of you found it as useful and enjoyable as we did.


2019 open day


The team at CVN and all our clients that attended the Open Day greatly appreciated it that so many notable industry experts made the effort to join us. Many thanks to these, in particular to Peter Dall, Buks Nel, Anton Muller, Wiehann Steyn, Nelius Kapp, Daan Brink and the team from SAPO. We were also very pleased that Rijk Danckwerts and Marcus Rosochacki from Ruva Labs joined us, it was interesting for everyone to learn more about tissue culture and to see samples of plants. Finally, a big thank you to Andy Selfe, who bought us lots of delicious apples and took photos during the day.


Order of the day


Chatting at the mess tents.


Chatting at mess tents 1

Chatting at mess tents 2

Chatting at mess tents 3

Chatting at mess tents 4

Chatting at mess tents 5


Discussion on the nursery walks in the production blocks and the motherblock.


Nursery walk discussion 1

Nursery walk discussion 2

Nursery walk discussion 3

Nursery walk discussion 4

Nursery walk discussion 5

Nursery walk discussion 6

Nursery walk discussion 7

Nursery walk discussion 8

Nursery walk discussion 9

Nursery walk discussion 10

Nursery walk discussion 11

Nursery walk discussion 12


Nursery walks ended with a lovely speech from Peter.


Speech from Peter


Some of us then enjoyed dinner together that evening...


Dinner evening 1


...And we all owe many thanks to Buks who took such trouble signing copies of his book for each of us. A special treat with which to finish our 2019 Open Day.


Buks book signing 1

Buks book signing 2

Buks book signing 3

Buks book signing 4


And now - some of the members of the after-party!


The after Party


All the team at Caledon Valley Nursery look forward to seeing you again at our next Open Day.