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Caledon Valley Nursery held its annual Open Day on Monday May 14. The debate was lively throughout the day and thoughtful input was given to attendees from Anton Muller, Buks Nel, Frederik Voigt, Reine Dalton and Wiehann Steyn which was much appreciated.
The day began in the Production Blocks and after lunch continued in the Mother Block. The evening event took place at the neighbouring Prynnsberg where all enjoyed two fascinating speeches, one from Buks about the history of the apple in South Africa and one from the well-known historian Dean Allen about the extraordinary story of Logan of Matjiesfontein.


The Production Blocks from a height


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Discussion amoungst the trees in the Production Blocks


Production Block

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Chatting around the fire in the middle of the Production Blocks


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Discussion at the stoolbeds in the Mother Block


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mother block

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Enjoyment at Prynnsberg


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