Sunset behind the newest M9 stoolbed

Cattle egrets enjoying an overflowing Swartlaagte dam

Sandy loamy soil encourages good root growth

An M9 stoolbed glowing in spring sunshine

Harvesting the rootstocks

Tissue culture M9 rootstocks starting life in the production nursery

Rosy Glow on MM109/M9 interstock

Even and water-efficient irrigation mist

Stoolbed rootstocks starting life in the production nursery

M7 rootstocks about to be budded with Cripps Red

Heeling-in the harvested trees

Unloading the harvested trees at the heeling-in block

Facing the rising sun - happily growing in land that was used for our 2015 trees

An aerial view of part of the production nursery in spring

Massed thunderclouds over the mountains in summer

Overhead upside down microjet irrigation on stoolbeds

Some Grade 1 rootstocks

Look at the root structure in this stoolbed!

Rootstocks ready for harvest

Heeling-in the harvested rootstocks

Lifting the trees after the tree plough has done its thing

Soil washed off the stoolbed

Getting the rootstocks ready for harvest

Harvested rootstocks waiting for collection to be taken to the grading shed

Two different grades of rootstocks ready for heeling-in

The M9 interstem flourishing in spring on the MM109 rootstock

The Braamhoek valley in winter

Frost in the Free State

A tunnel of MM109/M9 interstocks

Artificial mulch helping MM109/M9 interstocks to be healthy and happy

The M9 union on the MM109 rootstock 

Dense Rosy Glow foliage

A beautiful tunnel of uniform trees

Preparation of moist sawdust for the heeling-in of the harvested rootstocks

Favourable growth conditions

The valley at night