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Caledon Valley Nursery prides itself in the production of excellent quality apple trees for the South African producer. Together with the specialized inputs of management and staff, excellent soil quality, the production of trees on virgin soil, summer rainfall, early cold winter conditions and the production of trees under net, all contribute to the supply of excellent quality trees.


In producing a tree, we believe in following a scientific and integrated approach and consult Dr Nigel Cook on horticultural matters, Mr Nelius Kapp (Soil2Root Pty Ltd) on soil science, Mr Frikkie van Schalkwyk on crop protection and Dr Sheila Storey (Nemlab) on nematode management.

All land identified for planting are properly surveyed and only the best sections of land are used to propagate trees on. Ameliorant adjustments are done accordingly. We focus on the management of nematodes and the analysis of soil and leaf samples to enable continuous adjustments.

There is a strong emphasis on the collection of data to understand seasonal influences and to constantly evaluate ourselves and improve where necessary. Rootstock take figures, bud take percentages, growth curve measurements and pre-grading done at specific growth stages enable our sales department to make informed decisions and to ensure reliable supply of our formal orders.

We believe in applied science and monitor our trees closely, making adjustments according to the trees physiological needs. We understand the individual varieties’ response to our climate and adjust our production practices accordingly, whether it involves the timing of budding or the propagation method used.


Tree despatch takes place from middle July until the end of August. Our trees are transported overnight in insulated cold trucks. The trees are carefully loaded and wet straw packed between the trees to maintain the moisture levels within the truck. We have two teams that receive our trees in the Western Cape. They oversee the offloading process, count each order again and attend to the documentation.


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